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Mets Interested in Doug Fister?

The Mets are reportedly interested in Doug Fister as depth for their alleged depleted starting rotation.

Jon Heyman of the Fanrag Sports Network (whatever that is) reports the Mets “have looked at” Fister. One major sticking point is that Fister is apparently insisting on major league contract.

(by the way, how far as Heyman fallen over the years? From Sports Illustrated to, now at a literal fan rag).

Doug Fister is a solid veteran whose numbers have been declining in recent years. He went from a 2.41 ERA in 2014 to 4.19 and 4.64 the following two years. Still, he is only 33 years old and might have something left in the tank, Certainly, he is good insurance for the Mets.

A much better option that Mike Pelfrey, whom the Mets also considered before the White Sox swept him up. Pelfrey was terrible with the Mets and has only gotten worse since he left.

And also by the way, how “depleted” is the Mets rotation, really (hence “alleged” in the opening paragraph)? They have five healthy starters with Rafael Montero ready to step in. I know pitchers are fragile, but are the Mets really that desperate to sign a starter right now? I don’t think so. But it gives us something to write about.

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