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Reports: Mets to Hire Carlos Beltran as Manager

Multiple reports Friday afternoon say the Mets will hire Carlos Beltran as manager. This has disaster written all over it.

Carlos Beltran will reportedly be buttoning up a Mets jersey again.

That last sentence defies my own rule about giving someone a chance. Remember when the Mets hired Mickey Callaway? Writers were falling over themselves saying what an inspired hire it was. I quoted Bill Parcells who famously said “put the anointing oil away” after one Tony Romo start. Meaning, let’s see how the guy does before we decide. Well, Callaway was not an inspired hire after all.

So shouldn’t I give the Mets the benefit of the doubt again? I should, but I just think this is a terrible move. Beltran has never managed  or coached anywhere (even Callaway was a longtime pitching coach). He was a moody, surly player in Flushing; how will he deal with the daily media grillings as a manager? I’m sure he knows a lot about baseball, but so does every player. Why does Beltran get to manage without earning his stripes in the minors or as a bench coach in the majors?

The Mets are a win-now team. This is not a win-now move. But please, Carlos Beltran and Brodie Van Wagenen, make me eat my words. I just don’t think that will happen.

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