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Can’t Get Excited Yet

Am I the only one who can’t seem to get excited about spring training games? I don’t get SNY so I can’t see many games anyway. But the Mets-Cardinals game was on MLB Network (on tape delay) on Thursday. I tuned in during the second half of the game, and I just didn’t care.

Mets Spring Baseball

I can’t really explain why. I’m obviously a big Mets fan. Maybe it’s because the everyday players are clearly not at their best yet, and I can’t seem to get interested in watching the minor leaguers who replace them early in games. Or maybe it’s just because there is nothing at stake. The games don’t count, and except for a couple of spots (second base, fifth starter, bullpen), there are really no jobs up for grabs.

Call me when the regular season starts.


One good part of Thursday’s game was listening to Ralph Kiner. He really is a treasure — he’s been around the Mets from the very beginning, of course, but he is also a link to the grand old days of baseball.


He often tells stories about players we only know by name and legend. For example, Thursday he told a story about Rogers Hornsby, who was a coach for the Mets in the early days. I mean, how many people who are still alive knew Hornsby — one of the greatest players of all time, one who started his career in 1915? It’s always a fun game to watch when Kiner makes his way to the broadcast booth. Let’s hope the 88-year-old will be able to do it for years to come.

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