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Pelfrey Finishes Up

In an era when pitchers rarely finish what the start, Mike Pelfrey’s complete game on Saturday was a nice thing to witness. Pelfrey allowed one run, struck out five batters and walked none, going all the way in the Mets 6-1 win over the Angels.

This was “Good Pelfrey,” the man who looked like an ace before the All-Star break last season. Let’s hope we see more of this pitcher — “Bad Pelfrey” is brutal to watch.


Offensively, Jose Reyes showed why he is so valuable to this team. He “only” had one hit and a walk, but he had two stolen bases and scored two runs — when Reyes scores, the Mets win. It’s that simple.

Carlos Beltran hit a monster two-run shot onto the Shea Bridge in right field, traveling an estimated 459 feet. It was just his second home run since that three-homer game in Colorado in May.

Even Jason Bay had two hits. Could this be the start of him breaking out of his season-long (two-season long, actually) slump? Let’s hope so, although it still appears he is hitting down on the ball rather than level or with an uppercut.

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