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Jose Reyes on Disabled List

Well, it was bound to happen. Just as death and taxes and the Yankees making the playoffs are inevitable, so too is a Mets player landing on the disabled list following an injury that at first doesn’t seem severe. Jose Reyes has joined that list yet again.

The Mets placed Reyes on the DL Thursday retroactive to Sunday July 3, the day he strained his left hamstring. The initial diagnosis was a Grade 1 strain, the most mild strain possible. However, after taking ground balls and riding a stationary bicycle earlier this week, Reyes was unable to do anything on Wednesday. So the team made the move.

“The doctor is standing by the original diagnosis, but he suggests proper rest to reduce the possibility of a relapse,” a source told

The same source said doctors have recommended that Reyes rest the hamstring for three weeks.

Reyes will also miss the All-Star game — the third time out of four appearances in his career that he had to sit out the game because of injury.

I am tempted to say this will doom any chance the Mets have for a Wild Card berth, but they’ve been winning ever since Reyes went down. Who’s to say they can’t keep it up?

But likely they cannot. The Dodgers are a bad team — it’s really no accomplishment to beat them. The Mets face the NL West-leading Giants over the weekend, then take on the Phillies right after the break. After a make-up game with the Marlins, a series with the Cardinals, who sit atop the NL Central, looms. These are good teams. Can the Mets even go .500 against these teams without Reyes? The smart money says no.

But maybe David Wright will be back by then. And possibly Ike Davis. And Johan Santana (remember him?) soon thereafter. So maybe the Mets have some life after all.

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