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Only 1 Reason Jose Reyes Left Mets

Every week we seem to get a new reason why Jose Reyes left the Mets. A couple of weeks ago Reyes claimed he would have stayed in Flushing for less money. Then last week Marlins president David Samson refuted that, saying Reyes was going to the highest bidder. Thursday Reyes countered that by saying he went to the Marlins because they had the best chance to win.

reyes“Before I signed here, I saw what they were trying to do. That’s why I decided to come here to Miami. Because of the opportunity to win,” he said according to Mets Blog. “I haven’t won anything yet. We went to the playoffs once in New York; I want to win a World Series and I think on this team I have that opportunity.”

All of this is nonsense and bluster. There is only one reason Reyes is no longer on the Mets — they team had no interest in re-signing him. If they did, they would have had least made an offer, despite Sandy Alderson’s contention that Reyes knew or should have known what the Mets would offer. Hmm, that sounds just like Irving Picard’s contention about the Mets and Madoff.

If the Mets really wanted him, they would have said something like, “We want you, but we will only guarantee you four years at $15 million per year” or whatever they wanted to spend, then let Reyes decide if he wants to stay where he is comfortable or take the money and run. That’s exactly what the Cardinals did with Albert Pujols. The Cards played their hand and they lost. The Mets didn’t even ante-up.

The fact is the Mets didn’t want to spend any money on big contracts, and that’s why Jose Reyes took his talents to South Beach. It’s as simple as that.

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