THE List: 10 Worst Mets Trades

(From the archives — originally posted 6/21/12)

Amos Otis & Bob Johnson for Joe Foy (12/3/69)
amos foy
The classic bad Mets trade. Hey, without it we would never know who Joe Foy was!

Nolan Ryan, Leroy Stanton, Francisco Estrada & Don Rose for Jim Fregosi (12/10/71)
ryan fregosi
I don’t know what’s worse — trading Ryan for a washed up Fregosi, or having to include three other players to make the deal.

Rusty Staub & Bill Laxton for Mickey Lolich & Billy Baldwin (12/12/75)
rusty lolich
The Mets traded one of the most popular players in their history who went on to have All-Star seasons for the Tigers in exchange for an over-the-hill pitcher who lasted one season with the Mets. Well done. Plus, we got the Baldwin brother who sucks.

Tom Seaver for Pat Zachry, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson & Dan Norman (6/15/77)
tom seaver zachry flynn henderson norman
No comment needed.

Lenny Dykstra, Roger McDowell & Tom Edens for Juan Samuel (6/18/89)
dykstra mcdowell samuel
So let’s see — two cornerstones of the 1986 Mets for a man who clearly didn’t want to be here, and was gone after just half a season. Not Frank Cashen’s finest hour.

Mookie Wilson for Jeff Musselman & Mike Brady (8/1/89)
mookie musselman
Cashen compounded it a month and a half later by dealing the other Mets centerfielder, a guy who might have been even more popular than Staub. Just an unnecessary trade.

Mel Rojas for Bobby Bonilla (11/11/98)
rojas bonilla
Getting rid of Rojas was smart; taking back the hated Bonilla with two years left on his contract was not.

Rick Reed for Matt Lawton (7/30/01)
rick reed lawton
Steve Phillips had a thing for Matt Lawton for years for some reason. He finally got his man, sending away the very serviceable Reed. How much did Phillips really love Lawton? He traded him away in the off-season.

Scott Kazmir & Joselo Diaz for Victor Zambrano & Bartolome Fortunato (7/30/04)
scott kazmir victor zambrano
Sure Kazmir flamed out, but before he did he had a dominant few years. The same cannot be said for Zambrano, whose lasting memory is of him sprinting off the mound with an injury after throwing what would be his final pitch for the Mets.

Xavier Nady for Oliver Perez & Roberto Hernandez (7/31/06)
nady perez hernandez
The Omar Minaya panic trade left the Mets without a starting right fielder and ushered in the Oliver Perez era (or should I say error?). And Hernandez wasn’t really even needed.

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5 thoughts on “THE List: 10 Worst Mets Trades

  • This post sure does bring back memories with the Seaver trade probably being the darkest day in Mets history.

  • lovemymets

    Glad I read this on an empty stomach.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    You forgot one really big one – David Cone for Jeff Kent and Ryan Thompson. Thompson was slated to be our starting center fielder but never became the dominant player they thought, and Kent was a whiny baby with a glove of lead who never developed his power until he met Barry Bonds. Cone, on the other hand, went on to have a stellar career with the Yankmes, which makes this trade doubly bad, including winning a Cy Young and pitching a perfect game.

    This may sound like Monday quarterbacking, but the whole time Cone was with the Mets, I said that he would be the one to end the curse of the no-hitter while nearly everyone else maintained that it would be Gooden.

    The worst part of this trade was that I am 100% positive that Management (Hunsicker & Harazin, another crappy Met GM) at the time could have said, “Don’t worry, David, we’ll talk in the off-season. We need these two young guys and Toronto needs an ace” and then re-signed him.

  • Dave Ornauer

    George: Lest we forget, how about Mike Jorgensen, Tim Foli and Ken Singleton for Rusty Staub near the end of spring training in 1972?

  • Why was that a bad trade? While Singleton had a nice career, Foli and Jorgensen were nothing special. Rusty, however, was great for the Mets (traded far too soon) and became one of the most beloved figures in franchise history. And who is George?!

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