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Mets Re-Sign Eric Young for $1.85 Million

Finally we have good news on the Mets re-signing front. After overpaying for the underperforming Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis, the Mets have reportedly reached an agreement with Eric Young, a player who actually had a good 2013.

eric young
Mets re-signed Eric Young for $1.85 million,

Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted Thursday night that the deal is for $1.85 million. That is a reasonable amount for a player who led the National League in stolen bases last season with 46 (38 with the Mets after coming over in mid-June). Despite only batting .251 with a .318 on-base percentage for the Mets, Eric Young was a spark plug and the leadoff hitter the team has craved since Jose Reyes left town.

Young is slated to be a fourth outfielder and could see time at second base in 2014. He will likely play more than your average bench player and will be an important cog in the Mets machine.

4 thoughts on “Mets Re-Sign Eric Young for $1.85 Million

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I see EY as the insurance policy for Legares. Rather than have Legares suffer at the plate, it would make more sense to send him down (if necessary) and play Granderson in CF with EY in LF. As EY is our only legitimate lead-off hitter, speed-wise, it might even make sense to start the season this way if Legares does not rip up ST. A lineup of

    LF E. Young
    2B Murph
    3B Wright
    CF Granderson
    RF C. Young
    1B Ike
    C d’Arnaud
    SS Tejada

    makes a lot of sense. I’d still like to see the Mets take a chance on Vernon Wells, who would come at the league minimum considering the Yankme’s and Angels are on the hook for his contract.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I’d also like to see the Mets offer Grant Balfour an incentive-laden contract with an option for a year or two (just incase he is injured goods). He’d make a great setup man and insurance as a closer in case Parnell gets injured or something.

  • Mark Berman

    I like Young, too. By all accounts the Mets do not consider him a starter; rather, they appear to prefer him as a fourth outfielder who can spell the starters or step in if someone goes down. As far as Wells, I would have agreed with you last year. But the outfield is actually currently crowded with quality players (when was the last time we could say that?!). Where would he play?

    Yeah, I have no problem with Balfour, but the Mets payroll is at its limit. There’s just no room for him.

  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    I guess I am not buying into the “the Mets payroll is at its limit” thing because I feel like they are a couple of impact (but lower shelf) big leaguers away from being true contenders (maybe just my offseason optimism welling up), even without Harvey.

    For example, if they could sign Wells to a minor league contract with an invite to ST, Balfour to an incentive laden contract (that would be affordable if the Mets are winning and the fans are coming to games) and, last but not least, sign Michael Young, they would have a good starting lineup, a strong bench, and a revived bullpen (since losing Hawkins, Balfour would fill that role).

    Otherwise, I am seeing a thin bench and a whole lot of question marks and no joy in Mudville (Queens) yet once again.

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