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Chris Young, Daniel Murphy Out of Lineup

It’s the Mets, so of course things cannot go smoothly — Chris Young and Daniel Murphy are out of the Opening Day lineup.

Young has a right quadriceps strain that he suffered in Montreal over the weekend. Young said he should be back on Wednesday.

I think it’s gonna be a thing that is just the one day,” Young said. “Very unfortunate for me personally. It sucks. I’ve been working hard all spring getting ready for Opening Day, and then you get to Opening Day and you’re not be able to go out there with your teammates.”

Despite Young’s own prognosis, these quad things can be serious, requiring a month to recover, so stay tuned.

As for Murphy, his wife is in labor with their first child, so he flew down to Florida to be with her. Good husband, although I don’t see Ty Cobb or Pete Rose missing any games to be with their wives. Not being critical, just pointing out how the game and times have changed.

Andrew Brown gets the start in left and Eric Young will man second. Oh, and Ike Davis will start at first base.

Let the fun begin.

2 thoughts on “Chris Young, Daniel Murphy Out of Lineup

  • Maybe that’s why Pete was married 46 times and Cobb died a lonely alcoholic.

  • murph played 160+ last year, i’ll let him slide on this one

    different times, but he’s one of the few guys that the mets don’t need to make excuses for

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