Mets Camouflage Uniforms Must Go!

The Mets camouflage uniforms were unveiled their Monday night, and it should be the last time we ever see them. Unfortunately, it will not.

mets camouflage jersey
Mets won Monday night despite awful camouflage jerseys.

The Mets plan to wear these hideous things on five more “Military Mondays” this season. It is a noble and worthy cause, but the execution has failed. The jerseys are actually an insult to the military.

Part of the problem is that the Mets blue and orange just do not go well with the camouflage colors. It makes for a clashing combination that is not particularly easy on the eyes.

A simple arm patch would suffice. But of course, that would not result in increased jersey sales for money-hungry MLB owners.

Besides, the Mets already have plenty of uniform options, which I have written about previously. In fact, Phil Hecken of Uni Watch points out that over the past seven games, the Mets have worn seven different uniforms. It is a bit of a stretch because one of the uniforms was the Jackie Robinson tribute jersey, which is just the road grays with 42 on the back. But it still shows that the Mets have too many looks.

The only upside is that almost all of the Mets jerseys are pretty good-looking. Except of course the camouflage, which was obviously designed by a person who is color blind.

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