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Mike Piazza “Disappointed” Over Hall of Fame Snub

For the third year the brilliant writers who vote for the Hall of Fame deemed Mike Piazza unworthy of enshrinement. Piazza had to admit it is getting to him.

Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza will likely make Hall of Famer next year.

“I’m a little bit disappointed,” Piazza told the New York Post on Tuesday. “But on the same note, there’s a positive message in here. It’s going the right way, and I’m optimistic for the future.”

He is referring to the fact that he got nearly 70% of the vote, leaving him on the cusp of the 75% needed for election. With Ken Griffey, Jr. the only slam dunk first-timer next year, Piazza is virtually guaranteed to finally get the votes.

“I’m really focused on the positive,” Piazza said. “It’s not like an election where you can really campaign. I can’t make any promises to do something. My body of work is done. It’s complete.”

Jeff Wilpon issued a statement (he had a busy day) in support of Piazza:

“We are confident that in the not too distant future Mike Piazza, the top offensive catcher in the history of baseball, will take his rightful place in the halls of Cooperstown. We look forward to celebrating that day with him, his family, and our fans, when it happens.”

One thought on “Mike Piazza “Disappointed” Over Hall of Fame Snub

  • Met Fan 4 Life

    Maybe Jeffy should have lobbied BEFORE and not AFTER the vote.

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