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Mets Abandon Six-Man Rotation

Well, that was quick. What did it last, like a day? It looks like the Mets are abandoning the great Six-Man Rotation Experiment.

6-man rotation“I’ve pretty much had my fill of this rotation stuff, I’ll tell you that,” Terry Collins said. “I may go to a two-man. It’s a pain in the butt.”

Collins added he’s “just tired of answering the questions, so we may go back to being traditional.” When questions about who is making the queries, Collins joked, “Everybody. My wife, I’m tired of her wanting to know who’s pitching.”

For the first time in a while, it appears Collins is actually speaking for himself, without Sandy Alderson’s hand up his back. Although I’m sure Collins would not have made these comments without checking with Alderson first.

This is actually good news; no one wanted this six-man rotation. But it is another example of the Mets handling situations poorly. They talked about this thing for weeks, upsetting everyone involved, especially Matt Harvey. Now after all of that, they dump the plan? Why even try it in the first place?

Collins did not say who will be removed from rotation. It will likely be Dillon Gee, who did not pitch well in his return. Jonathon Niese is also a candidate, but he finally turned in a good start last time around; the Mets probably want to give him another chance. If anything, it could improve his trade value. It really can’t be hurt anymore.

Ah, the Mets brain trust. Gotta love em!

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  • Met Fan 4 Ever

    Brain trust – two words I never associate with Mets management.

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