Sandy Alderson

Sandy Alderson Has “Very Treatable” Cancer

Sandy Alderson has been diagnosed with cancer and will not attend next week’s Winter Meetings, the Mets announced on Friday. The type of cancer has not been revealed, but the Mets say it is treatable and a full recovery is expected. Indeed, he will soon begin chemotherapy treatments.

Alderson collapsed after a news conference last month, and missed the GM meetings to undergo an undisclosed medical procedure. That led to the diagnosis.

Mets Chief Operating Officer Jeff Wilpon explains more in a statement, courtesy of Mets Blog:

As you can see Sandy is not here today and will not attend the Winter Meetings so I want to begin by giving you a report on Sandy’s health.

As you know, Sandy went in for a medical procedure three weeks ago. Surgery was performed at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York and as a result of that procedure, the doctors confirmed that Sandy has cancer. The doctors believe and have told Sandy that the cancer is very treatable and are optimistic about a full recovery.

Sandy will be going through about 8 to 12 weeks of chemotherapy beginning this week.

This is all that we will disclose about Sandy’s health issues and we will not be giving updates. I hope you understand and will give Sandy and his family the privacy they have requested and deserve.

Sandy will continue with his GM responsibilities throughout the treatments, although of course, there will be days he may not be in the office. In the meantime, Sandy’s team and I will be coordinating closely with him and keeping him up to date on all baseball matters.

We wish him and his family the very best and look forward to this getting behind him.

We will not take any questions on this issue. Thank you for your understanding.

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