THE List: Top 10 Most Lucrative Mets Contracts

Francisco Lindor (signed 2021)



10 years/$341 million
This contract is not looking too good so far, but it’s way, way too early to pass judgment. We have nine and a half more years to do that.

David Wright (2012)



8 years/$138 million
This was the biggest contract the team ever doled out until Lindor’s megadeal. Wright was healthy for only half the contract. His 2006 six-year, $55 million deal would be 11th on this list.

Johan Santana (2008)



6 years/$137.5 million
Another guy who was injured for the back half of his deal.

Jacob deGrom (2019)



5 years/$137.5 million
This deal is looking like the bargain of the century. His opt out after 2022 means the Mets will have a pay a whole lot more to keep deGrom around.

Carlos Beltran (2005)



7 years/$119 million
What a waste — all that cheating knowledge and he never used it to get the Mets a championship.

Yoenis Cespedes (2017)



4 years /$110 million
That was a lot of money for what turned out to be less than a season of production.

Mike Piazza (1998)



7 years/$91 million
One of the rare big Mets contracts that actually paid off.

Yoenis Cespedes (2016)



3 years/$75 million
He opted out after one year to sign the bigger deal above. He was very good for that one year, though.

Jason Bay (2009)



4 years/$66 million
The less said about this the better.

Curtis Granderson (2013)



4 years/$60 million
Can you believe this is the 10th biggest contract in Mets history? That’s what happens when you operate as a small market club.

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