THE Poll: Who Will be Next Mets Manager?

The Mets have announced that they have completed the second round of interviews for their manager’s job, meeting with Wally Backman, Terry Collins, Chip Hale and Bob Melvin. Reports say the Mets will announce the new skipper at a news conference next Tuesday.

I really have no clue whom the Mets will pick. On one hand, Sandy Alderson has said numerous times that he wants someone with previous managerial experience, If that is the case, why string Backman and Hale along? Interviewing Backman again could be for the benefit of fans, who really want him to get the job. But Hale? No one is clamoring for him.

I of course have no way of knowing this, but I suspect that deep down Alderson prefers Backman or Hale, both of whom reportedly impressed him during their interviews. But either of those guys would be risks — Collins and Melvin have experience and would be safer choices. Does Alderson want to start his tenure off with a risky move when he could make a safe one? I think that will be the question he will try to answer over what is sure to be a long, rumor-filled weekend.

So I ask you the question — who  do you think will be the next manager of the Mets? Not the one you want to get the job, because Backman would win overwhelmingly, but whom you think Alderson will choose?

One thought on “THE Poll: Who Will be Next Mets Manager?

  • Kevin

    WALLY BACKMAN has to be hired as the Mets next manager! Met fans do not want experienced LOSER retreads named Melvin or Collins! Sandy- do the right thing and please these long suffering Met fans and hire WALLY! He will energize the fan base! If not, PR nightmare! Fans will be chanting, “WALLY WALLY WALLY” in May!! WALLY or BUST!! Speak up Met fans and let your voice be heard! GO WALLY!

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