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Good News on Reyes, Right?

The news on Jose Reyes and his hamstring is good, I think.


The Mets announced after Sunday’s win against the Yankees that Reyes as a Grade 1 strain, which apparently is the lowest level of strain. He is now day-to-day — but we’ve heard that before coming out of Mets Land.

“I think it’s good,” Reyes said. “Just a little bit of strain. Nothing big. I know I’m going to get on the plane and see what happens. Today when I got up I feel even better than yesterday. That’s very good news.”

There is no talk of putting Reyes on the disabled list, which is also good news. Reyes will definitely miss Monday’s opener in Los Angeles. After that, who knows?

“We have to take it one day at a time. We’re not making any predictions at the moment, Sandy Alderson said. “We’ll just see how he responds and the symptoms he demonstrates over the next few days. I’m sure he’ll want to play. I’m sure he’ll want to play in the All-Star Game, etc. That’s something we have to look at.”

So all of this is good news, right?

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