Seriously, Fox, Soccer on a Sunday?

I know this is a Mets and baseball blog, but forgive me for writing about football for just a moment. Those of you hoping to settle down on Sunday for a doubleheader on Fox were likely shocked to find another kind of “football” — soccer. Fox thinks it is a good idea to air soccer on a Sunday.

You guys in New York were lucky — the Jets game was on at one o’clock, so no other game could air on Fox then anyway, so it threw the soccer match on then. At four you could see Cowboys-49ers (the Giants play Monday).

Here in sunny Los Angeles, Fox decided to air an early game (10am here), so soccer aired at one, preempting the only late game — Cowboys-49ers. Of course, I am a Cowboys fan.

I understand Fox is trying to make soccer broadcasting successful, but come on, Sunday is for football — American football. And to make matters worse, the soccer match was not even live! The network in all of its wisdom decided to air a taped soccer match over a live football game. Anyone who cared about the soccer match either watched it live on Fox Soccer Channel or already knew the score.

Brilliant decision, Fox. But then again, who ever said television network executives were smart?

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