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Mets New Injury Policy: Ask, Don’t Tell

After years of mishandling injuries, last week the Mets announced they will begin a new protocol for their wounded warriors. Apparently it includes a media blackout, which may not be a bad thing.

Before Wednesday’s game, Terry Collins was asked at his daily news briefing about Jay Bruce’s back.

“No disrespect. I’m not going to get into the injury stuff,” Collins said, later adding, “I’m not at liberty to discuss any injury situation. He’ll be in there when he’s in there.”

While it is never good to keep the media, and by extension fans, in the dark, perhaps this is change for the better. It certainly beats statements we have heard in the past — “He’s fine” “It’s just a cramp” “He’ll be back tomorrow” — only to later find out the player will miss the remainder of the season with a serious injury.

Until the Mets can figure out how to do a proper initial diagnosis, a no comment is better than what turns out to be an inadvertent lie.

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