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Checking in on 2018 Mets Payroll

We haven’t done a check on the 2018 Mets payroll in a while, so why not now? Nothing much has changed over the past few months, expect the Mets picked up Asdrubal Cabrera’s option and signed Anthony Swarzek. So here’s how we look so far:

Matt Harvey: $6,000,000 (arbitration estimate)
Jacob deGrom: $7,000,000 (arb est)
Zack Wheeler: $1,000,000 (arb est)
Noah Syndergaard: $2,000,000 (arb est)
Steven Matz: $600,000 (est)

Jeurys Familia: $8,000,000 (arb est)
Jerry Blevins: $7,000,000 (actual)
Anthony Swarzak: $5,500,000 (actual)
A.J. Ramos $7,500,000 (arb est)
Robert Gsellman: $600,000 (est)
Seth Lugo: $600,000 (est)
Paul Seward: $600,000 (est)

Travis d’Arnaud: $2,000,000 (arb est)
Kevin Plawecki: $600,000 (est)

David Wright: $20,000,000 (actual)
Asdrubal Cabrera: $8,250,000 (actual)
Wilmer Flores: $3,500,000 (arb est)
Jose Reyes: $2,000,000 (free agent est)
Dominic Smith: $600,000 (est)
Amed Rosario: $600,000 (est)
T.J. Rivera: $600,000 (est)

Yoenis Cespedes: $29,000,000 (actual)
Juan Lagares: $6,500,000 (actual)
Michael Conforto: $600,000 (est)
Brandon Nimmo: $600,000 (est)

The Mets have $76,250,000 tied up in committed salaries for next season. The arbitration and free agent estimate is another $39,000,000, with $6,000,000 allocated for players who will make near the major league minimum. That figure is actually $545,000, but for our purposes, I set it at $600,000. That’s a grand total of $121,250,000 (and that does not include one starting outfielder).

No one knows what the actual Mets payroll will be, but it will certainly not approach last year’s $154 million. It will probably be closer to $140 million, which still leaves the plenty of room to get a quality outfielder and second baseman. Obviously, if the budget is lower, it will be one or the other. And if the budget is $120 million, well, we’re in trouble.

Anyway, I’ll be doing this all winter, so check back often.

One thought on “Checking in on 2018 Mets Payroll

  • Frazier

    Why does David Wright “appear” to get a pass when he says he’s all blue and orange? Twenty million dollars is a lot of money on the books, even Cuddyer knew he was a drain and could not do it anymore, but we have the Captain’s salary to worry about. Isn’t it time to retire? He hasn’t played in forever! Although, it’s probably a can’t miss that the Wilpons would just pocket the money. Sad state of affairs.

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