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Another Dumb Sacrifice Bunt

Remember what I wrote a couple of days ago about how dumb sacrifice bunting is? Well, it may have cost the Mets a game Wednesday night, a game at which embarrassed fans showed up wearing bags on their heads (below). Isn’t it too early in the season for that?

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In any case, the Mets were down 4-3 in the bottom on the ninth, Jose Reyes on first, no outs. Instead of having Reyes go for his third steal of the game, Terry Collins elected to have Josh Thole bunt. Thole popped the bunt back to the pitcher, and Reyes was doubled off of first. Wright then ended the game with a fly ball to right.

As I wrote in my “I Hate Bunting” post, the Mets only had three outs left or they would lose the game. Why would they give one of those outs away? Especially with Reyes on first, who showed that he could run on the Astros catcher. It was just a stupid move.

I wasn’t surprised that Collins chose to bunt. So far he has proven to be a by-the-book manager who has shown very little creativity. The Mets are not a good team and they need to mix things up a bit to win games. It looks like that won’t happen with Collins at the helm.

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